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As a small biz owner, I know what it’s like to build a brand from the ground up. That’s why I want to introduce you to the makers in our family of brands and why they’re so special to us. 

This month, we’re showcasing HarpertiniI absolutely love this business because:

💁‍♀️ Jo is a go-getter and has built her brand from scratch, during the pandemic (!!)
🐨 Based in Sydney, she’s created a whole range of beautiful pieces, like oversized beach bags, swaddles, silk scarfs and hats. All her designs celebrate the Australian landscape and her love of nature.
🌟 This girl in on fire and I love her fresh, fun approach to design (and life in general!!!)

Meet the founder - Jo Beashel

Having lived in Asia and Australia, a background in design and working in corporate, having two kids and juggling it all, Jo realised during the 2020 pandemic she wanted to contribute something GOOD back to the world, for the better and Harpertini was born! 

Meet the products…

Harpertini create more than just beautiful pieces for you and your little ones, they support our creative scene, won't harm our planet, and donate a percentage of their profits to help lift-up our vulnerable communities so we can all experience a better, beautiful, future together.
Jo’s products are designed for our modern Australian lifestyle including swaddles, hats, bags, and the softest silk key rings and pocket squares.
Close up of a cream coloured silk scarf with abstract pattern with coral, peach and black accents

Why we stock Harpertini…

A fair chunk of my week is dedicated to discovering new brands and products. Spending time researching brands, what they stand for and what products they create is an essential part of the selection process. First the business must be owned and operated in Australia or NZ, their brand values should mirror ours and their brand atheistic needs to be top notch with modern product packaging and imagery.

Harpertini ticks all the boxes:

Location: Sydney
Brand values: Women-led, supports Australian creatives and small business
Atheistic: Modern Australian, inspired by nature and the Australian landscape

We love local

If you’ve heard me say it once, then I’ll say it again and again – one of the core reasons I launched TLGL was to work with, support and showcase all the amazing small business owners from our own backyard. That’s why our gifting range is carefully curated with beautiful products, sourced directly from these hard working solo-prenuers, family business’ and dynamic duo’s.

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