A close up of a clear bottle with a gold twist top and a beige coloured label with gold foil accents.
A close up of a pack of 4 bottles with a gold twist top and a beige coloured label with gold foil accents.

Alcohol Free | Classic Gin & Tonic (300ml)

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Non-alcoholic | Sugar free | Gluten free | Forever tasteful.

  • Refreshing carbonated taste
  • No artificial additives or flavours
  • Naturally sweetened with stevia.

Have your G&T and drink it too with this tasty beverage that’s alcohol free and full of sparkles. A traditional mix of gin-teresting botanicals, with a sprinkle of rosemary, sea salt and other tonic tidbits, then add some love to make your taste buds go ‘oh, sip yes!’. It’s your G&T without the tears.

  • Flavour: A familiar taste with a modern twist. Bold tonic flavours swirl with well-rounded juniper and rosemary botanical undertones. Think of it like a savoury lemonade, if lemonade wore Gucci 24/7.
  • Aroma: Aromatic juniper with zesty citrus and a slight rosemary scent.
  • Ingredients: Carbonated Australian spring water, juniper berry, lemon, lime, rosemary, sea salt, citric acid, stevia, quinine and cinchona bark.
  • Maker: This new-age beverage company, Monday Distillery, is a revolutionising the way people enjoy a night with friends by offering a sophisticated, non-alcoholic, sugar-free option - love what you drink and love yourself the next day too.  Stay in high spirits, keep a clear mind.  Cheers to Monday.