Close up of a box of cookies, with bright pink and beige coloured packaging in the shape of a little house, sitting on a white table cloth with a small plate of heart shaped and flower shaped gingerbread cookies.

Cookies | Mini Blossoms (V)

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Brighten someone's day with this beautiful box of delicious gingerbread cookies, baked in Australia.

These mini blossom cookies are shaped in delicate little hearts and flowers - a gorgeous little gift of love.

70g - Vegan - Nut Free - Palm Oil Free - Kosher

Maker: Founded in 2001, owners Karen and Dom launched Gingerbread Folk with the goal of baking cookies with conscience. Using simple, vegan friendly ingredients their family owned business bake traditional, chocolate and gluten-free gingerbread with a hint of ginger and a delicate balance of sweet spice.