Small organge coloured bag packed with fruity vegan gummy bear sweets.
five small bags of sweets in brightly coloured bags including orange fruity gummy bears, purple fruity snakes, green sour gummy bears, pink raspberry frogs and peach sour hearts.

Vegan Gummy Bears (50g)

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Juicy, fruity and vegan! These bear-y tasty gummies are bursting with delicious raspberry, lemon, and apple flavours.

No added sugar

  • 91% less sugar than other peach hearts
  • 7g of plant-based prebiotic fibre ​
  • 4.5 Health Star Rating

0% Guilt 100% Tasty

  • Certified vegan and gluten-free, no sugar-added​
  • Keto-friendly​
  • No sugar alcohols, artificial sweeteners, colours or flavours​
  • GMO-free ingredients​

Size: 50g

Ingredients: Soluble Fibre From Tapioca Starch (IMO), Chicory Root Fibre, Rice Starch, Gelling Agent (Pectin), Food Acids (Citric, Malic), Natural Colours (Concentrates of Spirulina, Safflower, Carrot, Pumpkin and Red Beet), Natural Flavours, Coconut Oil, Rapeseed Oil, Sweetener: Steviol Glycoside (Stevia), Glazing Agent (Carnauba Wax).